Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mantra of the day: I AM A BLOGGER!

After years of procrastination I am finally starting a blog! Maybe it was the fear of too much self-reflection triggering emo-esc laments, maybe it was the addiction to my Facebook fan page steering my attention away from my own little blog home on the web range... Whatever it was it's over now because ALAS! Here is an entry!

What happens to your brain when you get 1.2 million web hits in a year? What about when you started your photography business only a year before that happens? Think a fizzing sound, then a loud explosion.

The last two years have been a crazy steep learning curve for me. Not as much in the photographic method (I have been working in the field in some capacity for 10+ years) as in my business sense and drive for artistic self preservation.

I am a stereotypical artist... I can't find my shoes if they're on my feet, my short term memory is shot for years of frivolous partying in my youth, I curse too much, I listen to loud crazy music, and I'm covered in tattoos. Not horribly original I know, but my subject matter is quite the contrast: fluffy pets being awesome, and making me smile. I love it!

So here is my blog. I will write to it weekly about some of the adventures and challenges I'm facing as my own agent, PR person, publicist, and all around advocate as I rise to the occasion of making my career as successful as possible. I look at what has happened as an unreal opportunity to make a living doing what I love, taking pictures and hanging out with animals.

Photo of yours truly, my dog Norbert, and my cat Yushi shot by friend and amazingly awesome photographer Holly Andres